Amanecer Package Design

For this project, I was prompted with the challenge to create my own brand and to design the package for it. I chose to create a coffee brand. Amanecer is a South American Coffee brand that emphasizes the good in fair trade. I really wanted to create something that is modern and simplistic.

Digital Action Series

This work explores my digital actions in a negative way. It also explores the relationship between modernism and post-modernism. This body of work is inspired by the artist Marshall McLuhan. I created a series of 10 photographs that are digitally edited with photoshop. I wanted them to be consistent color palette wise, so I created them in black and white. I also wanted the color palette to convey mindlessness. The way that the photographs are displayed creates an obscured and absolute feel. I want the viewers’ minds to roam. With the influence of Marshall McLuhan, I wanted to create work that is abstract, mundane, and also dark. With constantly growing technology and social media usage, the viewer is left with the thought, “when does it stop?”.

Official Logo

When creating this logo I wanted to make something different. I’ve seen logos that are image-based and are cute and quirky but I wanted to make something unique. I came to the conclusion that I should use typography in a new way to create a logo. Of course, Paula Scher inspired me to make a typography-based logo. Hopefully, the yellow circle around it comes through as energetic.

Contour Lines

5 in x 5 in. Adobe Illustrator.

Playing around with simplicity is what I do best. Well, at least think I do best.

Thinking of U

Created with Adobe Illustrator, 10 in x 10 in. Inspired by Damien Hirst’s skull works of art.

Astha Market Sign Creation

Here in De Pere, Wisconsin we have a small and local Indian market that I have become acquainted with. The owner asked me to create a sign for the upcoming farmers market we have downtown Green Bay. I created 2 mockups so he had something to choose from. The colors I chose for the sign represent the Indian flag. Both were created on Adobe Illustrator.