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Chicago born and Wisconsin based designer, Annabelle Broeffle has been honing her graphic skills since 2016. Broeffle will be receiving her BFA from St. Norbert College in May of 2020. Broeffle creates various artworks like paintings, sculptures photography, animation, and multimedia collage work. The types of inspiration Broeffle finds tend to come from a mix of artists and designers that include Paula Scher, Francis Bacon, and Marshall McLuhan. Currently, Broeffle’s work is design-based, both graphically and physically. Combining an abstract and modern editorial feel, Annabelle creates work that inspires others and connects with her viewers through thought-provoking emotion. Broeffle tends to utilize discovered materials and fuse them into blended-media type of art. For instance, she was given a felt painting and reproduced it into an arrangement that was encircled with metal wire.

Recently, she has been creating work that is based and focused on the indigenous peoples from around the world, it is creating a series of both graphic and fine art that revolves around the beauty and gracefulness of the indigenous peoples. This work will be shown in an exhibition at St. Norbert College. She has been enlivened to make this work by her folks. Her father E. Donald Two-Rivers is a published author and activist for the AIM (American Indian Movement). Her mother works for the international relations department at St. Norbert College and focuses her attention on assisting all international and study abroad students. Annabelle would like to reciprocate their advocation of helping others by creating work that speaks for those who cannot. Annabelle’s evolution to graphic design has introduced her to new methods of art and allows her to express her messages in many more effective and bold ways. Her use of abstraction challenges viewers and invites them to look deeper into a new meaning of work.


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