Over the course of the semester, I have been creating a series that discovers the use of experimentation and color psychology. I have gone through three different types of art styles trying to discover what style would best express the provocation of thought through abstract art. In total, I have made over 20 paintings. I have created about 8 paintings with the most recent style. This style includes the technique of concentrating a block of color in one area of the painting and working from there. It feels like I am building a community of color through this painting. 

In the most recent painting, I chose to work with the color turquoise. This color also had a shade range of cool-toned blues and green hues. In some parts, you can even see some purple. I definitely wanted to convey a sense of a calming feeling so I leaned towards the cooler tones for that reason. The color turquoise is associated with meanings of refreshing, calming, sophisticated, and wisdom. The composition of the painting is simplistic in size and placement. I chose to keep it more centered than my past paintings from this series. I chose to do this because I really wanted the viewer to be more concentrated on the focal point of the painting rather than the placement. The medium used for this painting was gouache. It was painted on a 16 in x 20 in piece of cold-press watercolor paper. 

Overall, I think this piece is successful in terms of the use of shade range and composition. I really enjoyed painting this piece. It was calming and nostalgic for me. Growing up I always loved the color turquoise, so it brought back many lovely memories of my childhood. My favorite part of my making this piece was playing around with the darker shades and creating vein-like marks in the painting. For my next piece, I am looking to explore a more romantic and passionate color like a deep red. 

Series continued. (Green)

The color green represents harmony, balance, and growth. It is a positive and spiritual color. What I mean by that is, it is an emotionally positive color. It gives us the ability to love and nurture ourselves and others unconditionally. From a psychological perspective, the color is a natural balancer between the heart and nature. It promotes peace, serenity, and love.

 I chose to paint this color last for a few different reasons. The first reason is that it has always been one of my favorite colors since I was a little girl. I have always been drawn to it. Also because with all the recent news surrounding COVID-19, it gives me hope and strength to make art that enlightens others around me and as well as myself. It is a natural way for me to relieve anxiety, stress, and anger.

During the process of this painting, I did a few experimental techniques to improve the saturation of color and to improve the composition of the paintings. My professor and peers gave me a few suggestions that I did try. One was taping down the painting to my desk so that the cold-press watercolor paper that I was using wouldn’t curl up on and change the natural movement of my painting. Another technique that I tried was to coat the paper with water before painting on it. When I did this the gouache paint seemed to spread differently than it did previously. The paint spread like a web that a spider made, which I loved. 

Overall, the process of this painting went smoothly besides the curling mishaps which was solved. I think that this painting was one of my favorites that I made all semester. This is due to the cool tones of green and emerald that I chose to use in the painting. Also, I really enjoyed the brush techniques that I experimented with as well. The painting is 11 in x 14 in. It was painted on cold-pressed watercolor paper and I used gouache as the medium.