Artistic Voice

When I was a sophomore, I decided to take a beginners painting class with Shan Bryan-Hanson. Painting is something that has always been a part of my life and it is important to me. Painting provides a therapeutic and special feeling for me and many others. So, now being a senior in advanced painting, it is time for me to create work that reflects artistic and intellectual growth.

 The first assignment given to us is called Artistic Voice. As a class, we are given the opportunity to make 4 separate pieces for this project, each different but similar in the different ways. We were also assigned to create a matrix. This matrix includes objects, people, places, ect., of things that inspire and influence us in our work. While my matrix includes many different things that are all unique to me, the few things I decided to focus on were typography, storytelling, astronomy, and my father. 

For the first piece, the focus is on both storytelling and my father. It is a triad of 3 paintings. The media I chose to use on this piece are gouache, watercolor, spray paint, and metal wire. The middle piece is 18’’ x 24’’ and the other two are 8’’ x 8’’. The middle piece’s background is posters of one of my father’s shows he was set to read his poetry at located in Chicago. I then layered watercolor as the background. I chose to a warmer color palette of purple, red, blue, black, and brown. This painting is a portrait of my father. The other two paintings are the same things which are red cardinals. This is symbolic of the painting because it is my father’s favorite bird. The second piece is a mixed media painting of a scene from space. I wanted to create something that reflects what is beyond us and our wonders. There are 8 different pieces of canvas that range from 2 inches to 6 inches. There is a metal wire that attaches them together. On the pieces of the canvas, there are different abstract paintings of colors including red, blue, and purple. I used oil paint for this piece. For the last two pieces, my inspiration was typography. It is two 10‘’ x 10’’  canvases that are painted red and blue. I used different types of typography that I find the most inspiring. I also used oil paint for this piece. As a graphic designer, I wanted to create something that explores both fine art and graphic art. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the creative freedom of this assignment. The matrix we created as a class really helped me explore different aspects of my mind that I didn’t realize were there. The assignment really helps you reflect on yourself as a creator. Perhaps, the class after us can have this same sense of reflection that I had.